This highly nourishing and hydrating face serum calms and brightens the skin by addressing redness and works to boost your skin’s natural glow revealing a radiant complexion.

Made from a powerful cocktail of ingredients which include CBD Oil and CBD Lipsome (which are known to help reduce pain and inflammation) Argan Oil, Moringa Oil (rich in moisturising  acids), Cactus Oil and Jasmine. The serum serves as a potent anti-ageing treatment. Cactus Oil regenerates the skin encouraging new cell production and also contains Vitamin E which neutralises free radicals and works to retain moisture in the skin. Colloidal Gold assists with the visible signs of skin ageing, helping to re-texture and repair skin damage, improving elasticity and is ideal for those suffering with acne, break-outs, sun damage and hyper pigmentation. It  aids the skin’s defence against environmental aggressors and due to its light reflecting colour, Colloidal Gold also helps to create a brightening effect which adds a radiant and luminous quality to the skin over time.